miles regis

Miles Regis Richard Corman 2018.jpg

Tapping into the emotional experiences of exotic cultures around the world and presenting them in ways that are relevant to today’s modernized societies, Regis favors the simplicity of black and white structure, starkly juxtaposed with the complex dimensions of color; recurring motifs include his use of eyes, encouraging the viewer to look deeper.


In the life and studio of LA-based, Trinidad-born artist Miles Regis, every action is an opportunity for creative self-expression. Prolific in both fine art and fashion design, Regis freely swaps the materials and languages of each to enrich the other.

Regis has been collaborating with new technologies as an early adopter of the emerging realm of Virtual Reality as a fine art application. One of the main elements in constructing interdimensional visual worlds based on his art is a painstaking process building the compositional structure layer by layer -- a technique ideally suited to Regis’ established language of painting.

The results, which he sometimes pairs with his own original auric electronic beats, are kinetic, vibrating, seductive travels in AbEx hyperspace, and all on their own make the case for VR as a proper tool for all kinds of artists.