The Playwork Lab

Two exclusive virtual learning experiences from the Center of Digital Liberal Arts (CDLA) at Occidental College

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Mandarin Murder Mystery: Learning Chinese Characters in VR

Experience languages like never before!

With the power of storytelling and the immersion of VR, learn Chinese characters while gathering clues to solve a murder mystery.


  • Yovanna Cifuentes-Goodbody, Language Education Specialist, Center for Digital Liberal Arts

  • Andrew Miller, Chinese Instructor, Department of East Asian Languages And Cultures

  • Kimberly Delgado and Caroline E. Arnall, Undergraduate Chinese Language Learners 

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Bird’s Eye View: A Virtual Ornithology Lab

An interactive digital lab that uses VR to share the inaccessible and play with the priceless.

Birds Eye View hosts select 3D scans of the world’s largest Mexican bird collection, where guests manipulate and measure ancient bird specimens in virtual space, access collection data unique to each specimen, and create digital copies up to 500% their real-world size.


  • Josh Medina: Occidental Class of 2019

  • Haelan Nunn: Occidental College class of 2018

  • John McCormack, Moore Lab of Zoology, Occidental College

  • James Maley, Moore Lab of Zoology, Occidental College