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ANR_logotype_01.png reality is a creative innovation lab within Ayzenberg, creating custom extended reality (XR) experiences that merge the digital world with physical reality to create powerful stories and unforgettable immersive worlds.


A publication and intelligence  firm for AR & VR

ARtillry’s mission is to chronicle the evolution of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Through writings and multimedia, it provides deep and analytical views into the industry’s biggest players, opportunities and strategies. It’s about insights, not cheerleading.

the VR/ar association

Los Angeles

The LA Chapter of the VR/AR Association is a place for disruptive technology enthusiasts to join forces. The entertainment and gaming industries have given the public an introduction to VR/AR, and now major developments are coming onto the scene as immersive experiences become more of a reality.

CDLA Logo.png

The CDLA equips Occidental College students with the critical literacies and technical skills they need to realize the enduring value of a liberal arts education in a rapidly changing world. 

Flight PR

FLIGHT is a boutique public relations firm located in Los Angeles that helps advertising agencies, up-and-coming brands, innovative entrepreneurs and start ups soar above the noise and earn the fame they deserve.


andgreat is a marketing, branding, and events firm that specializes in helping businesses design unique and unforgettable experiential marketing programs.