Who You'll Meet

An eclectic mix of creatives, technologists, business development executives and more, across the full spectrum of mixed reality advertising, content & commerce.

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Digital Creatives

Sr./Director of Content, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Stitcher

  • Freelancer with in-house (brand or agency) experience

  • Creates high volumes of content across a variety of screens

  • Specializes in one or two core disciplines (i.e. photo/video editing, social or mobile ads, etc.)

Looking for: New clients, education, and inspiration

Creative Technologists

Creative Technologist, Web/App Developer

  • In-house at a startup (mobile game/app co), agency, or at the incubator of a brand

  • Video game or VR/AR program developer

  • Front-end web or mobile app development experience

Looking for: New jobs, tools or software, and “the next cool thing”


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Innovation Scouts

Head of Innovation or Research, Director/VP of Emerging Media

  • In-house at an agency or brand

  • Tasked with finding what’s next & cool for the agency and its clients

  • Needs use case and ROI details to sell it in

Looking for: Talent, tools and software, and emerging technology use cases (preferably with metrics)


Head of Business/Content Development, Director of Partnerships

  • In-house at a production company, digital development shop or tech startup

  • On the hunt for companies to partner with or content (mobile/video/audio) to acquire for their platform

Looking for: Vendors to partner with and content to acquire

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