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Meet the Founders

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Josephine Munis

Josephine is the Head of Digital Marketing at Live Nation Merchandise and the president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the VR AR Association, a global organization focused on driving innovation, research and brand adoption of disruptive technologies.

She is an avid speaker on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and leads discussions on the differences between VR and AR, how brands can use disruptive technology to increase user-engagement, and brand awareness today and also provides use cases of how brand leaders can adopt VR and AR technology.


Tameka Kee

Tameka has spent the past decade connecting the dots between technology, media and marketing. 

She's currently Vice President of Content & Strategy at Wise Public Relations, managing content and events for the company's clients across the advertising, consumer technology and cannabis verticals.

After hours, she moonlights as the Head of Operations for the Los Angeles Chapter of the VRARA - an industry trade group focused on driving growth in Virtual and Augmented Reality.